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ODLog™ Product Info

New! ODLog version 2ODLog™ is an easy-to-use application for the accurate timing and recording of observational data. ODLog is typically used by scientists in:

* naturalistic field observation studies
* animal behavioral experiments
* human psychological experiments

Although ODLog was primarily designed for researchers working in the behavioral sciences, it can also be used in any applications involving accurate manual scoring of live or videotaped observational data.

ODLog is currently in use by researchers around the globe in experiments involving the manual observation of infant, adult, and animal behavior. ODLog can be used for data collection in studies using object recognition, social interaction, light-dark emergence, mazes, face preference, peer interaction, and much more.

Data are stored in text format and can easily be imported into any spreadsheet (e.g., Microsoft Excel®) or statistical package (e.g., SPSS®) for analysis. If you need to create an accurately timed record of live or videotaped behavior, you need ODLog!

ODLog for Windows

With the new version 2.x for Windows, you can simultaneously score up to 12 different behavioral events. The timer speed can also be adjusted to score fast- or slow-motion videotaped behavior. Version 2.x sports a completely redesigned user interface and is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Once you've tried Macropod Software's ODLog,you'll wonder how you ever did without it. We are so sure of this that we're prepared to let you try it free of charge for 15 days. Download ODLog and judge for yourself.

Free 15-day demo: You may install and use ODLog free of charge for 15 days. The demo is fully functional in all ways so that you may evaluate all features before you buy it. Whenever you launch ODLog in demo mode, you will be reminded of the number of days remaining in your trial period. At the end of the trial period, ODLog will cease to function. To upgrade your demo to a fully operational version without this time limitation, you must purchase a registration key by clicking the purchase button on the left. Academic discounts are available for purchasers from educational institutions. Once your order is processed, you will receive an e-mail containing a registration key and instructions to remove the time limitation. The entire process typically requires only a few minutes.

Macropod Software is a very small business whose livelihood depends on sales of this product. We offer this demo to you on the honor system and ask that you purchase a registration key if you find that ODLog is useful to you.

*Academic upgrade pricing. Academic licenses available only to purchasers from educational institutions. For full pricing details, click here.

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